Warmachine, Warhammer 40k, & Terrain Projects

Imperial Knights

Imperial Knight Armiger Warglaives


Imperial Knights of house Taranis

Knight Errant of house Taranis



Knight Paladin of house Taranis


Top view of three house Taranis Knight Titans



Three Knight Titans of the house Taranis


Rear view of a Knight Titan



Shoulder view of Knight Titan Errant




Photographing Knight Titans of house Taranis


I finally got around to finishing and photographing my three knight titans!  This is also my first serious attempt at weathering with powders. I’d get it looking exactly how I wanted it…then I’d seal it and the weathering would disappear. I built up 3 layers of weathering powders which made the bright white decals look gorgeous in my opinion, sealed everything up, then added a final thin layer of powder to get a dusty look. Just scratching the surface on weathering, so much to learn.