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2k Astra Militarum vs. Necrons

I played a 2k point game with Matt from At Ease Games here in San Diego.

Was a fun game and I learned a lot.

At the bottom of turn four I was getting decimated in close combat, but had earned enough objective points getting lucky with tactical objectives and actually won the game!

Astra Militarum vs. Necrons 1

Astra Militarum vs. Necrons 2

Astra Militarum vs. Necrons 3

Astra Militarum vs. Necrons 4

Las Vegas Open (LVO) Friendly Tournament

I finally went to my first ‘national’ level tournament.


The Las Vegas Open!


  • I’m a total scrub at W40K games, only playing a few games a year
  • I spend 99% of my energy on the hobby/painting side
  • I only played 3 of the 4 games in the friendly tournament (the blending class overlapped game 3).
  • Of the 3 games I played, I went 0/3!
  • I played Eldar twice and Chaos Demons once.

Game 1: Chaos Demos – Shaun

  • FateWeaver
  • ~14 Chariots of Tzeentch
  • I couldn’t get past the Jink Saves. Chaos can re-roll ones, and the Jink save was a 3up (night fight) and then a 4up… So each wound only had a 33% chance of landing, and each Chariot is both a armor 12 vehicle AND a multi-would model. Without ignore cover, I just couldn’t land any significant wounds.

LVO Friendlies Game 1 Astra Militarum Board Edge LVO Friendlies Game 1 Chaos Board Edge

Game 2: Eldar – Noah

  • Farseer
  • Warp Spiders
  • 2x Wave Serpents
  • Jet Bikes
  • Eldar Scorpion Type II (super heavy)
  • Super fun game. Noah is super cool, we we’re having beers, joking around, and had a great game. While I lost, I (barely) took out the Scorpion, and I ALMOST took out the Wraight Knight (got him down to 1 wound) right before the knight laid the assault beat down on my plasma-cutioner and punisher Leman Russ squadron.

LVO Friendlies Game 2

Game 4: Eldar – Todd from TableWar

  • Farseer
  • Wraith Knight
  • Wraith Guard with Warlocks
  • Jet Bikes
  • 2x Wave Serpents
  • I couldn’t get past any saves. I think I removed maybe 3 wraithguard and 2 jetbikes by the bottom of turn 4.  I still learned a lot… I definitely have to tweak my list!

Las Vegas Friendlies Game 4 Astra Militarum Board End Las Vegas Friendlies Game 4 Astra Militarum Game 4 Valkyries

My thoughts (as a total n00b, what I learned):

  • Competitive W40K comes completely down to ‘dice management.’ Minimizing the incoming dice is the primary tactic I didn’t have a good answer to.Especially games 1 (Chaos demons Jinking like crazy) and 4 (Eldar with 3+ armor & invulnerable saves). Even though I was throwing a high volume of attacks/hits/wounds out with my gun line, all of those wounds were ignored one way or another (Jinks, cover saves, armor saves, invulnerable saves, many with re-rolls). These lists are all about ‘mitigating’ incoming dice.
  • I don’t really enjoy games where my opponent is so effective at mitigating almost all of my dice… so I need to either build answers to this into my list or stop playing and just go 100% hobby.

And my ‘Dwarf Face’ from the faces and eyes class. Lyn from metalhead minis, thanks for a great class, I learned a ton!

All in all, LVO was great fun. It’s a well run tournament in a great location. I hope to go again next year.

Privateer Press at ComicCon

Ms. P and privateer press at Comic Con.

My wife, Ms. P. scored tickets to ComicCon at the last minute… I asked her to check if they were selling the new Colossal’s expansion or if they had any of the old ‘studio’ brushes.  Man, would have been cool to head down there and play a demo game with one of the Privateer Press guys! <sigh>

Warmachine Cygnar vs. Retribution 20 points

warmachine cygnar vs retribution 20 points

warmachine cygnar vs retribution 20 points

Doh! I’m now 1/5 vs my nemesis Mr. A!! I’ve actually got agreement from him to ‘reset’ the counter to games played at the shop, so am 1:1 (tied!).

Which makes our next game ever so important!

Quick description of the game… we played the “Break The Line” game type, and while I was able to toast both of his light warjacks, he fragged my unit of long gunners with his stealthed Mage Hunters (they could shoot me, but I couldn’t shoot them, as I didn’t bring any anti stealth) and my Ironclad with his battle group. It could have gone either way if it was a basic game… but at the beginning on my turn 4 he controlled two of his zones and one of mine…so it was game over! In retrospect I don’t think I’d play this game again at low points values (anything less than 35 or so).

Victory!!! (Warmachine 24 point Cygnar vs. Cryx)

Siege Brisbane vs. Deneghra


Well, I finally won a game vs. Mr A.! So I am now 1 win & 4 losses vs. him. At last I have a point on the board!

It was a 24 point battle, 24 points of my Cygnar army led by Siege Brisbane against his army led by Deneghra.

The objective was to hold as many of the three objectives in the middle of the board as possible, gaining 1 point for each objective owned at the end of each player’s turn. Basically I lucked out and was able to move first, which meant I captured 2 points off the bat. My army suffered many, many venom sprays but given the sheer amount of cover ignoring spray attacks fared decently to Mr. A’s poor dice rolls. My Charger went for an assassination attempt vs. Denny at the top of turn 3, which caused him to pull her into the backfield… he moved his heavy warjack back with her to block my line of site. While this did mean it was effectively impossible for me to assassinate his caster, I was able to claim points from the center objective which put me over the top points wise.

A fun game, feel refreshed on the WarMachine rules, ready for another game! And I found out there is a WarMachine league on Friday nights! Will have to check that out sooner than later.

Lieutenant Allister Caine

Captain Haley

15pt Cygnar vs. Cryx

Cygnar List:

Cryx List:

  • Warwitch Deneghra
  • 6 Bane Thralls
  • Slayer Helljack
  • Defiler Bonejack
  • Deathripper Bonejack

  • Turns 1-2 Cygnar: Cygnar placed first, so the Cryx player put the bonejacks across from the gun mages and the ban thralls across from the precursor nights. Turn one Cygnar was basically advancing to the forest and switching positions between the gun mages and precursor knights.
  • Turns 1-2 Cryx: Cryx advanced to put the bonejack arc-nodes into position, ready to venom spray span the forests.

  • Turns 3-4 Cygnar: A Precursor knight was able to engage the deathripper in melee and actually did some damage. Because of the copious forests, none of the other precursors were able to close on the bonejacks and engage them (and thus take their arc nodes out of play). The gun mages successfully formed a firing line, and between them and sieges ‘ground pounder’ special attack, all but one of the bane thralls were eliminated. One precursor knight tried to dis-engage the deathripper and move to engage the defiler (removing both it’s arc node and spray attack from play as it’s engaged in melee) and had a 2:3 chance of surviving the freestrike to successfully engage the defiler. The cryx player got the role, and took out the knight, thus regaining both arc nodes. On turn 4, the ironclad advanced between the two bonejacks and laid down a tremor, knocking both of them down. He then attacked the deathripper and hit, but whiffed the damage role. The Gun mages damaged but didn’t disable the defiler.
  • Turns 3-4 Cryx: After surviving the engagement with the precursor knights, the deathripper & defiler took out the remaining precursors and one of the gun mages handily. The slayer began a flanking maneuver around the forest, and the remaining Bane Thrall ran into the forest and chilled out there all alone. Deneghra was allocating focus to the jacks so they could stand up after the knock down and do their dirty work while positioning herself near the Cryx edge of the forest.

  • Turn 5 Cygnar: Siege used his special attack ‘ground pounder’ and did 9 points of damage on Deneghra. The Arcane tempest gun mages repositioned their gun line back from the forest and defiler, ready to pick off any Cryx stalled while advancing through the forest, and the ironclad charged and damaged severely the deathripper boneack:
  • Turn 5 Cryx: The defiler with it’s high speed was able to run through the forest and position itself as an arc node within Denegrah’s venom spell spray attack of the bulk of the gun mage firing line. Deneghra first moved back out of Siege’s range, camped her focus, and then spam venom attacked the gun mages, taking out 4 of them (two remaining) who failed their command check by one point and fled. The slayer continued its flanking movement around the forest, and the remaining bane thrall basically continued to chill in the forest alone.
  • Turn 6 Cygnar: The ironclad again beat on the deathripper, leaving it with one point of life remaining. Siege didn’t move, and threw out his special attack again, killing both the severely damaged deathripper and the remaining bane thrall.
  • Turn 6 Cryx: Deneghra fell back and healed, The slayer actually reversed it’s 2 turn flanking maneuver and headed back to the center of the board. The defiler attacked either Siege or the Ironclad, hit, but failed to damage.
  • Turn 7 Cygnar: Siege’s special attack took out the defiler, the single remaining gun mage rallied and headed back into the fight. The ironclad fell back a few inches.
  • Turn 7 Cryx: Deneghra continued healing, and cast ghost walk on the Slayer, who charged through the forest and took out the Ironclad in a single turn (good special attack + good roles = single shot an enemy heavy!)
  • Turn 8 Cygnar: Siege moved forward, ready to assault Denegra with his special attack. The gun mage did the same.
  • Turn 8 Cryx: Deneghra ghost walked through the forest and engaged Siege in Melee!!! She has reach + a special effect with her melee weapon called ‘Crippling grasp’ the immobilizes the opponent hit by the melee attack. While Siege was camping focus and had high armor, the attack didn’t do ‘that’ much damage, but it did immobilize him!
  • Turn 9 Cygnar: Siege was immobile, and didn’t have reach so couldn’t touch Deneghra! The only other model was the gun mage, who charged Deneghra, breaking line of site between Siege and Denegra. The charge just didn’t have the MAT/P+S to threaten the warcaster, so only achieved the removal of line of site:
  • Turn 9 Cryx: Deneghra moved into line of site, and spam melee attacked Siege. While Siege had high armor (camping focus) each attack re-immobilized him and did some damage with boosted rolls.
  • Turn 10 Cygnar: Siege has no options, can’t move, can’t attack Deneghra, so concedes the game. If only he had a single offensive damage causing spell! DOH! Game over.

  • Turn 9 Cryx: Deneghra moved into line of site, and spam melee attacked Siege. While Siege had high armor (camping focus) each attack re-immobilized him and did some damage with boosted rolls.
  • Turn 10 Cygnar: Siege has no options, can’t move, can’t attack Deneghra, so concedes the game. If only he had a single offensive damage causing spell! DOH! Game over.

Trencher Infantry Unit

Complete except for panting and flocking the sand.

Charger 2