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Primer Comparison on Warmachine Trenchers

Primer Comparison on miniatures

Trying out four major brands of primer on Warmachine trenchers

I ran out of the same pose so the armory primer is on a different pose. I was applied using the same technique, just minutes apart. The armory finish was very dull and obscured more detail than the other three. It was different enough that I painted a second model after shaking the can for an extra few minutes to ensure it wasn’t a paint temperature/mix issue.

While I’ve since purchased a airbrush and basecoat my models with ‘Creatix Wicked Detail Color,’ if/when I use spray paint, I’d recommend Rustoleum Universal, GW, & Board to Pieces equally, and I would advise against Armory.

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  1. Tephi

    Hey Justin, thanks for this post.
    Question about the Rustoleum Universal. From the picture it looks like it was very clear through the details (no clogging, no loss of fine detail) and went on smooth. It looks a little glossy though, and from the picture im assuming you used the Flat Black paint. Does it have a gloss finish?

    Also, have you since tried painting over these trenchers with color? Does the paint apply smoothly, or does it have trouble sticking to the rustoleum?

    Thank you!

    March 22, 2011 at 11:02 am

    • Justin

      The rustoleum universal has the same gloss level as the citadel and board to pieces primers, and all three were relatively shiny compared to the armory (they are labeled as flat, and are flat compared to the rustoleum satin white, which seems like it might be too glossy to get good adhesion). I’ve painted plenty on the citadel/rustoleum/board primers with similar results (although not these trenchers yet)… adhesion seems consistent. I do use flow aid mixed with water to thin reaper and citadel paints. My patience and blending skills are definitely what are holding me back, not the primer.

      I picked up an airbrush and am starting to try creatix wicked detail airbrush paint for the primer layer, base color, and highlight shade.

      Anyhow, hope that makes sense and let me know what your experience/results are.

      i didn’t know this blog was getting indexed by the search engines so this was a pleasant surprised to see this comment.:)

      March 22, 2011 at 11:22 pm

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