Warmachine, Warhammer 40k, & Terrain Projects

Warmachine Cygnar vs. Protectorate 15 points

This past weekend I had some Warmachine firsts:

You can see the Cygnar hunter trying to flank on the left. This failed as the choir cast ‘Safe Passage’ on the Protectorate Revenger which sent my Hunter running back towards the front line.

This did seem to cause the Protectorate advance to hesitate, and my warcaster (Siege Brisbane) laid down several turns of 2x/turn Rocket Cannon ranged attacks (thanks to Reinholdt’s reload special action)  that successfully softened up the Protectorate Advance. My Hammersmith (which is hard to see, is around the corner of the building on the left) disabled (but didn’t kill) the Revenger and soaked up the attention of the Protectorate Crusader and Revenger. The Protectorate Repenter rolled poorly on a flame thrower spray attack and only took out one of my stormblades as they advanced out of cover, who were then in position to successfully attack Kreoss with a combined melee attack which effectively ended the game.

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