Warmachine, Warhammer 40k, & Terrain Projects

Cygnar Long Gunners with Unit Attachment

This unit is taking forever. Of course, it is the business week of the entire year at work, so it might be that I’m only able to sneak in an hour painting here and there. I suck at wood grain… so hard to get the micro thin lines, even with a tiny brush. If the point is to sharp and the line is too thin, no paint wicks off the brush or the line is to faint. If I water down the paint to less paint so the tip is ‘sharper’ (no mini paint blob at all) the line is too faint. If I try and do layers of wood grain to build up slight lines, I’m not precise enough and wash out the underlying darker wood. argh! Need to improve precision painting skills.

Still have to paint add some highlights and shadows on the green greatcoats, finish the faces, hair, flag, and a few minor doo-dads on the officer… then it’s on to a batch of warjacks.

So many models complete, so many to go!

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