Warmachine, Warhammer 40k, & Terrain Projects

Reaver Titan inventory and inquisition

The tech-priest logis of the San Diego Collegia Titanica Manufactorium took a full accounting of the latest project, Reaver Titan 1108 (to be named upon commission).

A detailed catalog of each of the 311 sub-assemblies (a.k.a. resin parts) was created.

  • Body: 214 sub-assemblies
  • Apocalypse Missile launcher: 23 sub-assemblies
  • Laser Blaster: 11 sub-assemblies
  • Gatling Blaster: 12 sub-assemblies
  • Melta Cannon: 9 sub-assemblies
  • Powerfist: 42 sub-assemblies

A vox-print of the major leg sub-assemblies:

Reaver titan parts

As with any large scale project, several defects were found, and must be addressed before production starts.

The tech priest assigned to Tital 1108 was himself warped by the forces of chaos!
Miscast reaver titan tech priest

Next we see a warped piston attached to a partially completed knee sub-assembly.
Warped reaver titan knee piston

And finally we see the beginnings of nurgle rot trying to corrupt the cockpit of the reaver itself! EXPUNGE!!!! Probably initiated by the corrupted tech priest in transit from the forges of Mars (a.k.a. Nottingham, UK) to the San Diego Manufactorium. Because the cockpit must be sanctified, and because of the central and delicate location of the nurgle rot, the entire cockpit must be EXPUNGED and a new cockpit ordered from Mars.
Slight miscast, hard to clearly remove mold leak on the reaver titan head/cockpit

Overall, 308 of the 311 sub-assemblies were blessed by the Logis for a 99.03537% purity rate. Well done ForgeWorld Mars/Nottingham,UK!

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