Warmachine, Warhammer 40k, & Terrain Projects


(Image by Eddie Sharam)

Wow, big game tonight! 2v2. My partner was Chris (taught me w40k in game 1!) and I (blood angels) took on a Tau and Eldar pair (Mark & Ryan, respectively).

The game lasted a solid 4 hours (4k points is a lot of action!) and we tied on primary (control a center objective) and secondary (messenger) but won on kill points (tertiary).

I actually did okay! Learned a lot (as usual), am now starting to think through the ‘points efficiency’ of my models. For example, I had a drop pod with a furioso (170 points) that took out a fire prism (115) so was not a good trade. However, it did soak up a two rounds of ranged attacks from a unit of fire warriors and a unit of plasma crisis suits. (120 its + 240?)…. so It soaked up 360 points of damage, killed 170 points of damage (530) and cost 170 points. Worth it??? YES!!! (I think??).

Anyhow, having fun playing the game!





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