Warmachine, Warhammer 40k, & Terrain Projects

Video Monitor for Terrain

I’m super excited to have commissioned a pretty ambitious terrain project with the best miniatures terrain maker out there.. 3t studios. Long story short, I’m looking to have them create ‘inertia cradles’ for my reaver titan and my two upcoming warhound titans. In my mind I’m picturing gantries, cables, gothic/imperial architecture, etc.

Because I’m not very good at moderation… I’m also envisioning combining two of my hobbies… miniatures and micro-controllers. So… I’m working to embed video panels into the terrain piece. I’m envisioning a “1984 Orwellian” face proclaiming imperian 40K propaganda (probably “The emperor protects!”) and some smaller screens with what look to be moving dashboards showing the state of each titan.

I’ve actually made great progress… I purchased a 3.2″ LCD display module from 4DGL systems, an Australian company. Fortunately, Sparkfun resells their products so I don’t have to wait for trans-pacific shipments.

Finally, moments ago, I actually got video playback working for the first time! Obviously the video displayed in the terrain piece wont be a of my dogs… but hey, it works!

One response

  1. Wow that was fast! I definitely want to talk about the details of these units with you as we go along, as well some ideas I have for the imagery.

    (I was thinking a video of the Commissar’s dogs instead.)

    August 11, 2012 at 3:13 pm

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