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Forgeworld Warhound Titans Complete!

20 pics of the warhound titans ‘Saevus Rex’ and ‘Saevus Juris’ along with their reaver ‘Saevus Verum’ – of the Legio Invictus.

2 Warhounds and a Reaver Titan of the Legio Invictus

Forgeworld Warhound and Reaver Titan

Forgeworld Reaver Titan with LED cockpit lights.

Forgeworld Warhound Titan Saevus Juris with Inferno Cannon and Turbo Laser

Right flank view of Saevus Juris Warhound Titan

Rear View of Saevus Juris Warhound Titan

Front / Left view of Saevus Juris Warhound Titan

Forgeworld Warhound Titan Saevus Rex with Vulcan Mega Bolter and Plasma Blastgun




Forgeworld Warhound Titan Top Left View

Saevus Rex, Forgeworld Warhound Titan Legs

Right / Front view of Saevus Rex, with LED cockpit lights

Forgeworld Warhound Titan open cockpit with LED lights

Forgeworld Warhound Titan Servitors and Internals

Forgeworld Reaver Titan open cockpit view #2

Forgeworld Warhound Titan Reactor Controls

Forgeworld Warhound Titan internal view

Forgeworld Titans - Studio Behind the scenes shot

Forgeworld Warhound Titan Top Down shot showing metal reactor grill

Forgeworld Warhound Titan Mars Pattern Inferno Cannon

Forgeworld Warhound Titan scale shot with Sanguinary Guard

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