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2000pts Imperial Guard vs. Blood Angels

Imperial Guard vs. Blood Angels

Had a fun throw-down with a good friend… I played my as yet unfinished Imperial Guard army, he played my Blood Angels army.

  • The mission was ‘Crusade’ (objectives) and I eeked out a victory by one point.
  • He achieved first blood and line breaker for 2 points
  • I held a single uncontested objective for 3 points, and he held none.
  • Although now that I think about it he could have simply moved Dante to his backfied objective (he rolled ‘immovable object’ on the personal warlord traits table and was thus a scoring unit) and he would have won by two points.
  • So… ‘technically’ I won but ‘really’ he won. :)

I’m still learning the rules so there was lots of looking things up… battle too probably 4-5 hours total. I think we hit 90% of the rules though (still haven’t done anything Psychic and no monstrous creatures, but covered pretty much everything else).

Great fun!

List Summary:

Blood Angels

  • 5 Assault Terminators in a land raider redeemer
  • Storm Raven, twinlinked lascannons, hurricane bolters, hunter/killer misiles, twin-linked heavy bolter.
  • 1 squad of 6 assault marines
  • 1 squad of 8 assault marines
  • vindicator
  • Furioso dreadnought in a drop pod with whirlwind missile launcher
  • Contemptor dreadnought with a Kheres Assault Cannon & Melta Gun
  • Dante

Imperial Guard

  • Ordinance battery with 2 Basilisks and 1 Medusa
  • Leman Russ Squadron with 2 Battle Tanks and 1 demolisher
  • 2 Vendettas
  • 2 Platoons (platoon command squad, 2x units of lasgun troopers).
  • 1 of the platoons has two chimeras
  • 1 of the platoons command squads has a single auto-cannon heavy weapons team
  • 1 company command squad with Astropath, Master of Ordinance, Commander of the Fleet
  • 1 manticore

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