Warmachine, Warhammer 40k, & Terrain Projects

New Mini Studio – 3 Point Lighting

Finally got my semi-permanent mini studio set up.

The Manfrotto gear isn’t cheap, but I’ve been collecting a piece here and there for decades. Buy it once, use it for life.
One of the super clamps I bought in 1995 (~23 years ago!)

The LimoStudio Continuous LED Portable lights are super cheap fixtures that hold off the shelf GU10 base LED bulbs. They are non-dimmable so I’m using improvised ‘gels’ (plastic cut from a plastic yogurt container!) to soften/dim the lights a bit. I had to jury rig a tripod mounting screw using these adapters. The lights are el-cheapo, and I’ll play around with some off the shelf GU10 LED bulbs. Ideally I’ll find a small, relatively inexpensive, A/C, dimmable housing with a 3/8th – 16 mount.t

This is a basic ‘Three-Point Lighting‘ setup and my key light is way too bright.


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