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Reaver Titan 1108 has been named!

“Savage Truth”

For some unexplained reason…when I was sculpting the green stuff around the power fist I was compelled to sign my initials (JH) and year (2012)… but I also wrote the word ‘savage.’ I’m not sure why that word popped in my head, but it did!

On a whim tonight I used google translate to find the latin (aka high gothic in the w40k-o-sphere) word for savage… and realized that I had stumbled into the name for the titan!

Titan #1108 shall hence force be known as:

Saevus Verum

Saevus Verum will bring the savage truth of the emperor to all of mankind’s enemies!
(in miniature scale, in various tabletop war-games, d6 rolls willing).

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