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Warmachine Cygnar vs. Retribution 20 points

warmachine cygnar vs retribution 20 points

Doh! I’m now 1/5 vs my nemesis Mr. A!! I’ve actually got agreement from him to ‘reset’ the counter to games played at the shop, so am 1:1 (tied!).

Which makes our next game ever so important!

Quick description of the game… we played the “Break The Line” game type, and while I was able to toast both of his light warjacks, he fragged my unit of long gunners with his stealthed Mage Hunters (they could shoot me, but I couldn’t shoot them, as I didn’t bring any anti stealth) and my Ironclad with his battle group. It could have gone either way if it was a basic game… but at the beginning on my turn 4 he controlled two of his zones and one of mine…so it was game over! In retrospect I don’t think I’d play this game again at low points values (anything less than 35 or so).

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