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Warlord Titan Assembly – Hips, Legs & Pinning

This is potentially the most tricky part of the entire build. Unfortunately this step requires both hands so I wasn’t able to take any pictures during the operation but I did take a few pictures after the fact to demonstrate the bubble level and the final leg/feet positions.

To position the legs on the hips and the feet on the legs I:

  1. Used JBQuick instead of JBWeld
  2. Did one leg at a time, and manually held the leg in the ball joint of the hip for ~10 minutes.
  3. Did the leg/hip join before gluing the feet on, but positioned the leg in the ‘cup’ of the foot while the hip/leg joint was setting to get an accurate idea of angle and height.
  4. While doing this, I used a small bubble level on top of the legs as I’m going for a level/stable hip surface.
  5. After each leg join set up after ~10 minutes, I did the same for the leg -> foot joint… I manually held the whole enchilada for ~10 minutes until the joint cured, then I repeated on the other leg/foot.

Warlord Titan bubble level

After letting the leg/feet joints fully cure (~12 hours) I drilled 1/8″ holes for the 1/8″ brass rods, to pin the leg/hip joints and reinforce everything so it’s nice and strong.

I’m a little concerned my legs have too wide of a stance, as the distance between the two connection points for the upper most piston is very tight, and even at max compression the pistons might be too long. I’ll update this outcome in a future post.

Overall, this is the hairiest / messiest part of the build as everything is at odd angles and it’s very difficult to clamp anything in. If/when you do this step, good luck! :) Hit me up with any questions / concerns and I’ll try and help.

Here you can see the legs clamped in the vice

warlord titan legs in vice

Then, drilling as straight ‘up’ the leg as possible even though the foot itself is at an angle.

warlord titan drilling holes in feet to pin leg

I repeated the same drilling step for the hips. Below you can see the final/glued pins for the feet and hips.

warlord titan hip pins

warlord titan feet & leg pins

At this point I have pins all over the place… through each hip, through each foot, through/accross the knee, and between the lower leg and knee joint. A total of 8 pins (4 in each leg). This is probably massive overkill, as the resin is nice and sturdy/thick, but I don’t want to take any chances with this expensive/heavy beast!

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  1. Siph

    Thanks for this, really useful. Just starting my construction…

    November 2, 2015 at 1:00 am

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