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Forgeworld Warlord Titan Torso Build



For all of the below steps, I used good old JBWeld. Here you can see the two steps of mixing up the epoxy. First squeeze out relatively equal amounts of hardener (White-ish line) and ‘steel’ (dark grey). I pop off the end of a q-tip and mix the epoxy until it’s consistently grey.

Warlord Titan JBWeld Step 1Warlord Titan JBWeld Step 2

Here’s a test fit of the major pieces before the upper right rear torso is glued in place.

I rough up all of the joint surfaces with an x-acto blade, and put red dots on all the surfaces that require glue so I don’t miss any surfaces or put down glue on something that isn’t supposed to have it.

Warlord Titan Gluing Rear Torso - Misalignment 6

Here’s me clamping in the upper rear torso.

This is where I made a slight mistake…the upper rear torso wasn’t aligned perfectly (it sagged a bit ‘low’) and this created a miss-alignment in the torso block.

Warlord Titan Gluing Rear Torso – Misalignment 2

Below you can see the misalignment. The middle inner ‘vent box’ is too low. The trick to to get the ‘upper rear torso’ glued in at exactly the right height. If I were to do it again, I’d glue in at least one of the ‘upper torso’ sides first so I could line up the ‘upper rear torso’ pieces correctly.

Warlord Titan Gluing Rear Torso - Misalignment 5

Preparing to glue the torso front plate. Again, roughing up the bonding surfaces with an x-acto knife and adding red dots so I apply JBWeld to the right surfaces.

Warlord Titan Torso Front Plate Gluing Prep 1Warlord Titan Torso Front Plate Gluing Prep 3

Side view of the torso being clamped while the JBWeld is curing. I put the top plate on even though it wasn’t being glued in to make sure the sides cured at the right angle.

Warlord Titan Torso Gluing Sides 4

Front view of the torso sides being clamped while the JBWeld is curing. At this stage the front plate isn’t glued in…it’s just sitting in there to line everything up.

Warlord Titan Torso Gluing Sides 3

Top View of the torso box being glued together.

Warlord Titan Torso Gluing Sides 1

Before gluing the top plate on, I ran 4 wires through the lower torso, for 2x LED lights in the cockpit.

Warlord Titan Head LED Wiring 7

Relatively tricky placement of the clamps to glue on the Carapace front.

Warlord Titan Front Carapace & Exhaust Vent Clamps

Carapace front being JBWelded on with the tricky clamps.

Warlord Titan Front Carapace Clamps

Clamps securing the exhaust vents.

Warlord Titan Exhaust Ridge Vent Clamps

gluing the exhaust intakes to the exhaust ridgets.

Warlord Titan Exhaust Ridge Construction Clamps

Gluing the exhaust ridges to the top carapace

Warlord Titan Gluing Exhaust Ridge

Exhaust ridge clamps

Warlord Titan Exhaust Ridge Clamps

And that’s the major pieces of the “Torso Box”



4 responses

  1. Keep a close eye on this one. Always liked your work. Getting a Warlord for Christmas so I’ll be using your tips and guide.

    November 26, 2015 at 5:49 am

    • Pre-congrats on the xmas warlord! I’m going super slow on this one as I have a kid now so hobby time is scarce. I’m currently working on magnetizing the arms, and the weight of the volcano cannons is make it interesting. I’ll be watching twotitans.blogspot.com for your new build!

      November 26, 2015 at 7:54 am

      • Jon Beatty

        Thanks. It’s actually in the house already. Wife is keeping it under wraps till Christmas. I also have a Reaver coming. Him first before Big Brother. Gives me a chance to practice the colors I want to go with.

        November 26, 2015 at 9:59 am

  2. Col.Hertford

    Looking really good. This is one of the best plogs for a Warlord out there at the moment. Right up with Chuffy’s and Dave Taylor’s vlogs. Keep it up!

    December 11, 2015 at 2:40 pm

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