Warmachine, Warhammer 40k, & Terrain Projects

Blood Angels

Blood Angels Vindicator

Blood Angels Vindicator

Blood Angels Vindicator Back

Blood Angels Baal Predator

Blood Angels Baal Predator
Of course as soon as I take the picture I see everything I forgot… have to paint the bolter rounds in the twin link bolter on the turret. I’ll also apply some decals using micro-sol, and then finish with a 50/50 mix of matt/satin Liquitex Varnish. I don’t think I’m going to weather these models until I get better at weathering, so they’ll stay ‘clean’ for now.

Blood Angels Death Company

Blood Angels Death Company

Blood Angels Death Company Complete 2

Closer view of airbrushed and washed death company marine next to black primed model

This show the raw airbrushed death company marines next to a standard primer black model

After much deliberation, browsing pictures of ‘black’ miniatures on dakka dakka the only truly black example that I found and liked was at cool mini or not, and I don’t have the skill nor the patience to pull that off… so I decided to give my good old airbrush (read easy blends!) a try.

I primed with Vallejo black surface primer, followed by a coat of Reaper Adamantium Black, followed by a highlight of blackened steel. You can see the ‘raw’ airbrush output, which makes the models look very, very grey compared to a pure black model.

I then applied two layers of Games Workshop badab black wash, which darkened the grey look significantly. The models ended up looking a bit ‘drab’ and I’m hoping that a satin varnish applied as the last protective coat will add enough shine/contrast/depth to give the effect of highlighted black armor instead of oily grey armor. We’ll see how it turns out!

Blood Angels Weathered Rhino Troop Transport

Finished my first Warhammer 40k Rhino and learned a lot.

  • I didn’t lay down enough water/micro-sol when placing the decals, and got some air-bubbles.
  • Airbrushing Reaper ‘basic dirt’ created a low-key ‘less is more’ weathering effect that I liked
  • Applying the Vallejo pigments was dramatic. I like the affect, but it’s a bit much
  • I like the citadel boltgun metal edge highlighting. The GW site shows an orange edge highlight, might try that out but am happy with the metallic edges.
  • Airbrushing the black exhaust stains came out nicely and was quick/easy
  • After the priming & airbrushed base color/highlight, it took me about 7-8 hours to complete the Rhino this first time

Blood Angels weathered rhino
Blood Angels Rhino Left Side No Mud

Blood Angels Devastator Squad

Blood Angels Devastator Squad


Blood Angels Terminator Squad

Blood Angels Terminators

Blood Angels Commander Dante


Dante Back

Blood Angels Assault Marines

Blood Angels Assault Marines

Blood Angels Assault Marine with Power Axe

Blood Angels Assault Marine with Plasma Pistol

Blood Angels Tactical Squad

Blood Angels Tactical Squad



Assembling an Assault Squad

Blood Angels Drop Pod

Blood Angels Drop Pod

Blood Angels Drop Pod Open

Blood Angels Drop Pod Open Close

Blood Angels Drop Pod Closed

Blood Angels Drop Pod Open

Assembling a Blood Angels Assault Squad



Stormraven Gunship Assembled

Blood Angels Stormraven

Blood Angels Stormraven front

Blood Angels Stormraven Gunship cockpit and turret close up.

Jump pack painting rack

I had previously built a ‘spraying rack’ to get the first rhino I built up off the bottom of my ghetto card board airbrush booth. It looks kinda’ impossible to paint the shoulder pads of the marines with the jump packs on, so for now I’m going to paint them separately… to make that easier and to ensure that I get the airbrush highlight angle correct, I added on to my airbrush paint sprue framework. The jump packs themselves are attached to the sprues with poster-tack, so should be easy to remove them once they have the base coat and highlight coat in place.

Blood Angels Furioso Dreadnought

Blood Angels Dreadnought Back